The Beginning of Golf Clubs Made from Bamboo

Published: 22nd March 2010
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Bamboo shafted golf clubs were first tried out as golf was invented in the hills and valleys of Scotland. Initially bamboo shafts were used, but these were replaced by hickory shafts and then in this by century steel shafts. The steel shaft still remains very popular today but its use is now being supplanted by the latest batch of lightweight materials. However, modern methods and practices have enabled the development of some limited types of bamboo golf clubs.

Bamboo Shafted Putters

Although still rare, there are several companies that manufacture bamboo golf clubs. Most of these custom club manufacturers also use novel materials for the grip as well. This material is typically cork or a material with a similar texture and feel. One manufacturer compares their bamboo golf clubs to the cane fly rods that they also custom make. Perhaps the most remarkable fact is that these bamboo golf clubs are actually built with bamboo that has been seasoned for over 40 years!

Other Bamboo Shafted Products

Although not bamboo golf clubs, but the bamboo shafted timpani mallets are very popular. Using the finest and straightest shafts, cured with special processes, the bamboo shafted timpani mallets develop a unique sound. Each shaft is carefully selected for its weight, feel and diameter. Other bamboo shafted products are some of the highest quality darts available. Perhaps the most familiar products that use bamboo are walking canes which can be found in most of the fashionable gadget stores. Another use of bamboo shafts is in the making of Japanese flutes.

Bamboo Curing, Farming and Harvesting

Bamboo golf clubs use specially cured bamboo. There are, in fact, several ways to cure bamboo. Some of these methods originate in the Orient, and most of these methods are very elaborate. In all cases, care must be taken to allow the bamboo to dry in such a way as not to crack or buckle. Bamboo can be grown in almost any climate; however, bamboo actually prefers warm damp climates to grow well. Bamboo can be grown in most Southern states in the United States and is growing in popularity and usage.

Harvesting of bamboo can be a unique experience as it grows quickly and requires very sharp blades to cut the shaft cleanly. Furthermore, most peoples' vision of bamboo farming is of an exotic pastime. Nothing can be further from the truth; the bamboo used in the bamboo golf clubs of today has been in the curing process since the 1960s. This level of commitment to the development of a quality product exemplifies professionalism and craftsmanship.

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